Registration Letter For JH/HS

Cripple Creek – Victor School Year, 2020-21

Dear Parents:

We are pleased to welcome you and your students back to the Cripple Creek – Victor School District. It is going to be a non-traditional year in many aspects, but we are prepared and excited to take on the challenges ahead, and we are confident we can deliver a quality educational experience. Thank you ahead of time for being flexible as we navigate the ongoing hurdles brought on by COVID-19.

As announced, the Junior High and High School will be opening with a cohort model. In brief, both programs will be divided into groups to allow for social distancing. Based on the cohort they are assigned to, each student will be attending class in person two days a week and participating virtually two days a week. For example, Cohort A will attend in person on Monday and Tuesday and will attend virtually on Wednesday and Thursday. Cohort B will be virtual on Monday and Tuesday while attending in person on Wednesday and Thursday. Students enrolled in the Alternative program will be in the Alternative Cohort and should plan to attend in person each day. Students and parents will be notified of cohort placement before Tuesday, August 18. 

The first day back to school for Cohort A will be August 19. Cohort B will attend in person on August 20. Alternative Cohort should plan on attending both days. These days will begin with Advisory and students will receive intensive re-orientation related to in-person and at-home learning plans. School begins at 7:40am. We ask that students not arrive before 7:10am. The school day ends at 4:03pm. Unless they are involved in a supervised after school activity, students are expected to depart campus immediately. Students are not to remain on school grounds after school hours. 

As students will be involved in weekly at-home learning, it is important that they understand what is expected of them while participating online. It is also important that parents participate as partners in the learning process. Please see the accompanying document At Home Learning During COVID-19 as well as the Tips for Parents and FAQ for students.

Please plan to drop in for the Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 18. Junior High and High School students and parents are invited to swing by classrooms to meet teachers between 4:00 and 6:00pm. There will be a short presentation and series of introductions in the Cafetorium at 5:00pm. Students will be able to pick up their schedules from their Advisors at this event. As well, we will be conducting health checks for all attendees and requiring face coverings to be worn throughout the evening. 

As part of our safety procedures, anyone entering the school will go through a recommended health screening process before entering and be required to wear a face covering while in any building. Students will be screened each morning and are required to wear face coverings throughout the day. All visitors and students must enter the Secondary building through the main entrance. 

Your student will be receiving a Student Handbook that contains expectations, rules, and regulations for the school. Please review that handbook with them. 

The district offers free and reduced lunch for qualifying families. Families need to complete the attached application to apply for this service. You can pick up an application at the front desk.

Also attached to this letter is a health information update. It is necessary that you return this information to the school offices as soon as possible. Please be sure to fill out the form entirely and provide a local emergency contact number so that in the event of illness, emergency, or closure of school during the day, you or your designee can be contacted. We have included information concerning the use of medication by students during school hours. Additional forms are available in the front office. 

Parents and guardians are more than welcome to visit the school or your child’s classes at any time. We do ask that you make arrangements ahead of time to prevent any disruption of class. As well, parents or guardians must check in through the front desk and will need to go through the health screening process before entering the building. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly:

Cripple Creek – Victor JR/SR High School – 689-2661

Cripple Creek Victor School District Administration – 689-2685

We are glad that you are a part of the school community and look forward to working with you in the year to come.


Miriam Mondragon, Superintendent and Dan Cummings Secondary Principal

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