August 24th Update for JH/HS

This is the first full week of the Cohort Model.

All students in Cohort A should be attending in person on Monday and Tuesday. All Cohort B students should be attending in person on Wednesday and Thursday. All students are expected to have picked up their Chromebooks by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25. Starting Wednesday, August 26, all at-home learners are expected to be signing in from home for every class.

Teachers have sent login information for each course and invitations to Google Meetings. 

As well, families interested in picking up meals on days when their student is not on campus must sign up to pick up those meals at the start of each week. Meals can be picked up for students at 1:00pm on Monday for students in Cohort B.  Meals can be picked up at 1:00pm on Wednesday for students in Cohort A.

To sign up for meals, please call the front desk each Monday before 10:30am.

Dan Cummings