NWEA Testing Reschedule plan

Due to today’s snow day and tomorrow’s delay, we need to adjust the NWEA/MAPS testing schedule for the Junior High and High School.  Tomorrow will be a normal Cohort B in school day but with a 2-hour delay.  On Thursday we will do testing for Cohort B and on Monday we will test Cohort A.  Please make sure your child is able to be at school on their testing day so they don’t need to miss class for makeup testing.  We appreciate your patience and assistance with helping this come together.

PLEASE have your child contact their advisory teacher that they received this information and understand.  If the advisory teachers don’t hear from you, they will need to reach out and contact you again for confirmation.  We don’t want to bother you more than necessary so a simple email will help.  Thank you in advance for your help with this.