Junior High to Camp Elim

Dear Parents and Guardians of Junior High Students, 

We are excited to be going to Camp Elim on September 22nd for Cohort A and September 24th for Cohort B.  We will be leaving around 8AM and returning to school by 3PM each of those days. If your student is online this day, they are not required to log in. Fully online students will not be attending. Please ask your student for a packet of forms for Elim that they will be getting at school this week or next. There are three forms to be filled out.

One of the forms is a tracking of your students’ health for 14 days prior to attending camp. Please make sure you are monitoring and keeping track of this and returning all three forms to school so your student may attend camp. If you have any questions or concerns or need a packet, please contact Grace Hokama. 

Thank you, 

Grace Hokama