Halloween Parade

This year, with the new precautions, our Halloween festivities will look a little different. Cresson Elementary will have their Halloween festivities on Thursday, October 29, 2020, but due to COVID-19 there will be a few changes from the previous years.

Our costume parade will take place along the high school track starting at 3:00pm. Hile planning your student’s costume please make sure your child will be warm enough for our high elevation weather. Students will be required to wear a mask.

The students will start at the south end of the track and parade north along the west straightaway beside the high school. Parents may view the parade by lining up in the grass on both sides of the track for the parade using appropriate social distancing and wearing masks while on the school grounds.

We ask that parents come in from the north gate.

Students will return to their classes for a brief party after the parade.

We are sorry, but family members may not enter the school for costume assistance or parties.

We will live stream the event on our CC-V School District Facebook page, which you can view here https://fb.me/e/7aqIEyiQw.

If you have any questions regarding the parade and other Halloween activities please email Tonya Copley or Wanda Sporel or call the Cresson Front Office at (719) 689-9230