November Superintendents Letter, Level Yellow

November 11, 2020

Dear CC-V Families,

I am sure that many of you are aware of the recent increase in positive COVID cases in Teller County. It is our intention to remain open for in-person learning as long as possible but please be aware that transitioning to remote learning may be a distinct possibility.

Teller County is currently in LEVEL YELLOW: Safer At Home CONCERN. The restrictions for this level for P-12 schools are: in-person, hybrid, or remote as appropriate. If we can maintain 6ft distancing and continue safety measures, we can continue to operate school as we currently are.


During this time we will continue with the health precautions already established. All staff and students are to be screened upon arrival to school for symptoms/temperature, wear masks, maintain distance, and wash hands frequently. One way hallways are in effect and additional cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, district buildings to occur throughout the school day and after dismissal. Staff and students should stay home if they have symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 or higher. 


We currently do not have enough bus drivers to drive all three school district routes. In order to continue to provide transportation, we have combined the “Tigger” and “Moose” route. This means more students on the bus with less ability to distance them. There is no Victor activity bus, as of right now.  We are actively seeking another driver but ask for your help in the meantime. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO TRANSPORT YOUR CHILD(REN) TO SCHOOL, PLEASE DO.


At this point in time we will continue with in-person learning at Cresson and the Cohort model in the Secondary. 

Cresson families: If your child is quarantining or staying home with symptoms, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange for a materials and chromebook pick-up so the student may log on remotely and not miss instructional time. If students are unable to attend a class the parent or guardian should contact the front office to excuse them. 

Secondary students who are quarantining or staying home with symptoms should log in to their classes as they normally would. If students are unable to attend a class the parent or guardian should contact the front office to excuse them. 


Currently sports in Season B, basketball and cheer for CCV, are scheduled for the first week of January. CHSAA is waiting on additional requested variance approvals from the governor’s office on or about December 1st. Capacity limits for fans and spectators are still under consideration at this time. 


It is our intention to keep children on an IEP coming to school four days a week if we find it necessary to go to remote learning. Your child(ren) will still access their classes remotely while in the building like they do when they are at school on their non-school days. This will ensure that our children still have access to the services required by their IEP’s.


If you are in need of technology support you may start a support ticket by emailing

We currently have a hotspot set up in Victor in the Elk’s Lodge and can be accessed from the parking lot. The password is “GoPioneers!” You are also able to access the wifi from the lower parking lot of the high school building if you park on the concrete pad next to the building. The network is called “Student” and the password is “donkey12”.


Any family in need of a food box during remote learning days, quarantine or in the event of a closure can contact our Food Service Director, Patricia Bayne at 719-689-2685 ext. 1324


CC-V will continue to notify our families if levels change and the restrictions for each level. 


Miriam Mondragon

CC-V Superintendent

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