CC-V JH/HS Principal Letter regarding Level Orange Safer at Home.

Dear Parents and Guardians

November 15, 2020

Due to the dramatic increase in COVID19 cases in Teller County and the immediate CCV area, the Secondary School (grades 6-12) will be transitioning to full at-home learning effective immediately. This period of at-home learning will last until after Winter Break. If possible, we will return to the Cohort Model starting on January 6, 2021.

As we shift to a period of at-home learning, know that your student is prepared for the challenges of virtual learning. As they have been successful at learning at-home for two days a week in the Cohort model, they will now be applying those skills four days a week for the foreseeable future. 

Your students are familiar with Google Meet, they have access to all lessons and curriculum on each teacher website, and they have become familiar with the norms expected of them while attending from home. Your students have access to Infinite Campus and are in direct contact with their teachers via email. If they have left any necessary school materials on campus which they need at home, please contact the front office and arrange a time to come to campus and pick those materials up. 

If your child has and IEP they may come to campus four days a week for required support. Students with an IEP will be separated by cohorts and attend classes virtually from the Special Education classrooms. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for these students. If your student has an IEP and you are not comfortable sending them to campus please contact Arika Zittlosen ( 

During this time of at-home learning, all in-person after school programs are cancelled until further notice. If you would like to be receiving food resources, please contact Patricia Bayne via email ( or directly by phone (719-689-2661, Ext 1324) to arrange food pickup or delivery. 

Below you will find a general list of expectations for your student while working from home. As well, there are recommendations for guardians on how to help their students

During this time of at-home learning, if you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to one of your student’s teachers, the front office, or to me directly. We are here to support you to the best of our ability. 


Dan Cummings

Secondary Principal

Cripple Creek – Victor Schools

Student Responsibilities for At-Home Learning.

In order to be successful with at-home learning, a student is expected to meet the following expectations:

  • Students are expected to attend each class virtually – attendance is mandatory. Missing class, even virtually, will result in consequences as outlined in the Student Handbook. If you are going to miss a class for an excused reason please have your parent or guardian call the front office to excuse you. 
  • Students must participate in class as required by the teacher. Teacher expectations for virtual participation may vary.
  • Students must leave their camera on while attending class virtually.
  • Students must keep up with all classwork and submit all assignments.
  • Students are expected to contact their teacher via email or in virtual sessions with questions or concerns regarding assignments. 
  • Students must use technology appropriately. All school rules apply while the student is attending class.

Please refer to this FAQ on at-home learning for answers to several questions.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities for At-Home Learning 

The National Education Association, Public School Review, and the National Parent Teacher Association agree. Parent involvement in education is key to student success. As NEA Today phrases it, “the most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home.” This is certainly true of at-home education as well. 

In order for their student to be successful with at-home learning, a parent or guardian must understand and agree to the following expectations:

  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by requiring them to attend virtual classes each day.
  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by helping them identify a learning space in the home that is suitable for engaging in coursework. 
  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by communicating with the school when at-home learning is not working, or when the student is going to be absent from a virtual class. 
  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by providing consistent internet access at home or via nearby resources.
  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by attending all parent conferences.
  • Parent/Guardians must support their students by becoming familiar with the school website, teacher web pages, and the gradebook. 
  • Parent/Guardians should check on their student’s progress at least once a week.    

CC-V teachers will continue to offer a rigorous program of learning and assessment, but the parent/guardian must be a partner in that process if at-home learning is to be successful. 

Please refer to these Tips for Parents to help your student get the most out of their at-home learning. Please have your child show you that they are able to access their Google Classroom and contact your child’s teacher if they need assistance.