Updated COVID-19 Information for December 14th 2020.

Additionally, below is information that Teller County Public Health and Environment shared with Laureen Murray and Miriam Mondragon on 12/7/2020.

1) Most of the community transmission is from small family/friend gatherings.

2) The new quarantine times do not apply to schools.

3) If we are without a COVID case for 28 days, each school we will be removed from the outbreak list this month.

4) Many children are displaying COVID symptoms for a few hours or only a day (diarrhea, nausea, headache, etc.) and then they feel fine but they indeed have COVID and therefore are contagious and carrying the virus. When we return to in-person learning and/or the school learnsof these cases, the recommendation to get tested will be for every student that is sent home (unless this is a normal symptom for this child-for example, they normally get headaches on the left side of their head) 

5) Here you can find a combined table for Cresson/HS/EHS/Jr/Sr High School (CCV Epi Curve) with the way our outbreak looked. This does not include the people that were suspect cases, so many people still had to quarantine until a second negative COVID test came back for the suspect case. 

6) A person can have symptoms for two days before they get sick. Please let Laureen Murray know if you have any further questions.

7) It is highly recommended that you wear the KN95 masks while you are teaching as this further protects you and all of your students. These are provided for you. They are stored in the check-in area at the Jr/Sr High School and in a basket in the front office at Cresson