Newmont Grant

Newmont Mining Corporation & CCV Steering Committee

 Grant Committee Procedures

The Newmont Mining Corporation & CCV Steering Grant Committee will consist of three to five  Cripple Creek/Victor School District staff members.

Criteria for Application Approval:

  • The project is located in the communities in which Newmont is located (primarily Cripple Creek and Victor). If the project extends to other communities, consideration may be given.
  • The project will enhance educational and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • The recipients have demonstrated an ability to help themselves or have provided evidence of their efforts.
  • Groups who represent their school and community at recognized local, state, national or international events and competitions will be given consideration.
  • The recipient has limited opportunities to receive other substantial funding.
  • The project is not a commercial or business venture.
  • The project funded will deliver sustainable benefits to the community or school.

Criteria for Application Denial:

  • The project will not provide any local benefit.
  • The applicant has not provided enough detail to allow the committee to make an informed decision.
  • The applicant has not demonstrated an ability to help himself/herself.
  • The applicant already receives substantial funds from elsewhere.
  • The assistance requested is to be used to clear/help clear a debt.
  • The request is for an individual pursuit.
  • The project has been previously funded.

Procedure for Granting of Donations – Based on a $20,000 budget:

Newmont/ CCV Grant applications will be posted on the CCV website with application deadlines and notification dates. 

 The Committee is not required to award all grant funds in one school year and has been given authority to carry over funds into the next fiscal year should no projects warrant funding.

Committee members will receive, in advance of  meetings, the applications meeting the criteria for consideration. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within 14 business days of the meeting. 

All Newmont funds will be deposited in a CCV Special Revenue Account which is subject to an annual audit. Funding then will be forwarded to the appropriate project. For some projects, ordering of item(s) awarded will be processed through CCV’s Financial Specialist.

Copies of all documentation including the application, supporting documents, check requests, checks, and written correspondence will be maintained by the Steering Committee.

Yearly reports will be provided to Newmont.

Previous years’ grants have supported:

First Lego League

Moby Max Software

Headphones for JH/Cresson Elementary

Missoula Theater Company

Drama Department/Yoga class

HS/JH Yearbook

6th grade Sanborn Camp

Science Department Phosphorescent Wall Demo & Fluid Sand

JH Cheer Program

2021-2022 Steering Committee Grant Application