6 Man Football-Cancelled

The state of Colorado has 23 teams currently playing six-man football, with the majority of teams being from small towns located in eastern Colorado.

American six-man is played on an 80-yard-long by 40-yard-wide field. Furthermore, in order to proceed to a first down, the team must progress 15 yards, instead of your standard 10.

All six players are eligible to be receivers. On offense, three linemen are required on the line of scrimmage at the start of the play. The player to whom the ball is snapped cannot advance the ball past the line of scrimmage (thus eliminating such plays as the bootleg or scramble); however, if the ball is tossed to another player, that player can run or throw the ball and the player to whom the ball was snapped is still an eligible receiver.


Click here to find 2021 Pioneers football schedule. Game dates and times are subject to change due to a statewide official shortage. We will update the schedule when we know of changes.

For more information about CC-V 6 Man football, for High School please contact Coach Bain, and Coach Blaylock. For Junior High contact Coach Weed and Coach Wirtz.