Meet our school board!

2022-2023 Board of Education Regular Meeting Dates

CCV Board Retreat Notes 4/29/2022

District Mission

We, the members of Cripple Creek-Victor School Community are committed to developing a safe environment and lifelong earners who value themselves, contribute to their community and succeed in a changing world.

Our Purpose

We are change agents. We have our hands on hope. We are united in purpose and mind to serve our children and community.

Essential Roles

  • Serves as a legislative body, adopting policies and regulations and overseeing the fudiciary responsibilities for the administration of the schools.
  • Accredits the district’s schools.
  • Recognizes the Superintendent as the professional leader of the staff and adviser to the board.
  • Ensure educational programs are designed to achieve desired outcomes.

2022-2023 Focus Areas

  • Everything we do as a board will align to our vision.
  • Monitor our policies continually and systematically to ensure the intended results.
  • Use student achievement data to make decisions and establish district priorities.
  • Model the kind of collaboration we expect to see in others.
  • Participate in Professional Development.