The Cripple Creek – Victor Transportation Department provides safe and reliable transportation to students across the district. Safety, above all, is the cornerstone on which we build everything; we are dedicated to ensuring children arrive to school safely and on time, so they can make the most of their school day.

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By Tonya Martin, Transportation Supervisor  

Every year students are killed at school bus stops. According to the annual survey conducted by Kansas Department of Education’s School Bus Safety Unit, in 2006, the United States had 13 student deaths occur in the loading/unloading zone of school buses. Can you imagine how TRAGIC that must be for all those involved?  

SAFETY at school bus stops is the key to prevent injuries and/ or death. Here are some BASIC RULES to keep our stops safe.  

1.) No playing games such as chase. Do not push or shove.  

2.) Stand at least 6 feet (3 giant steps) from the road while waiting for the bus. Even further in bad weather.  

3.) Have all your belongings in your backpack to prevent things from getting dropped.  

4.) CROSS 10 feet (5 giant steps) in front of the bus and ONLY when the driver’s says it is O.K.  

5.) NEVER walk behind the bus. These basic rules can keep our students safe.